Rilke Bio Novel
Rilke Bio Novel
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Rilke Bio Novel

Farrol Kahn’s superb novel…a truly Proustian perspective.

Ralph Freedman, biographer and Princeton Professor emeritus.

Congratulate you on your impressive bio novel.

Swiss National Library, Bern

We…discover a flesh-and-blood man in love.

Alfred de Zayas,  President P.E.N.

“I have just started to read. I am impressed, time and again, by your amazing knowledge of even remote biographical details, skilfully intertwined with your own fantasies. Some of your dialogues seem very true to life. Have you been there, unseen and unheard?”

Curdin Ebneter, Rilke-Gesellschaft

Road Trip with Rilke

Follow a trail around the haunts of famous poet Rainer Maria Rilke…