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RILKE: A Bio Novel


Congratulate you on your impressive bio novel.

Swiss National Library, Bern

Author of definitive biography – Life of a Poet:Rainer Maria Rilke. “Farrol Kahn’s superb novel… lends the subject a truly Proustian perspective… It stirs and sustains the reader’s involvement throughout… The animation of Rilke… is carried out brilliantly.”

Ralph Freedman. Read in full

Farrol Kahn hat in Eischoll einen Biografischen Roman über den wohl wichtigsten Dichter für das Wallis geschrieben. Eine Arbeit, de zehn Jahre dauerte.

Walliser Bote. Read in Full

“I’ve read the excerpt and I must say: absolutely brilliant!”

Oskar Freysinger, Swiss writer

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New Coffee Table Book

The latest project highlights a selection of beautiful cars and key people in the classic racing and car collecting world.

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Road trip with Rilke Book and Challenge announced

Farrol’s new book on the places in Switzerland where Rilke visited and wrote many of his best works has been chronicled in his latest work due out in June 2023.

A unique feature of the work is the collaboration with a number of partners related to the significant settings to set a challenge to the readers to visit as many as possible and compete for an annual prize.

The book, the challenge and the background to both were recently featured in

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Gstaad Insider’s Guide 2nd Edition 

Gstaad Insider’s Guide 2nd Edition launch party

The author Farrol Kahn made a presentation of the new edition of the Gstaad Insider’s guide on Wednesday 27th April with a Cheese & Wine Party at the Grande Salle de Rougemont.

An Article in «Journal du Pays-D’Enhaut » (See below), gives an overview of his book, the people and places featured and background on Farrol Kahn’s various other works.

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Journal du Pays-D’Enhaut, April 2022.

The launch was also reported in Anzeiger Van Saanen.

Winner of photo competition in Gstaad Insider’s guide

Farrol Kahn with winner Olivia Plancherel

The winner of the best picture prize for the second edition was Olivia Plancherel for her panoramic photograph of the tree line and a spectacular sky above Gstaad.

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  1. I am intrigued indeed to hear of your new title on Rilke during this the 100th aniversary year of the publication of Duino Elegies. What a remarkable character he was and so recognised in the English-speaking world where his works are as you say, uniquely more popular, than that found in print in his native tongue.

    Perhaps in common with many a young idealist, I too have memories of Rilke. I remember leafing through a battered copy of his poems during a night under canvas in northern France. It was nearly 25 years ago, the evening after the solar eclipse of August 1999 and we had driven from Oxford to France in order to experience the “zone of totality”…. the poem I remember had something to do with clocks striking and dogs barking down the lane, which applied perfectly to the moment*

    *PS: I think I may have found the poem I referred to – it was quite possibly (in the English) To say Before going to Sleep

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