Arrive in Better Shape
The Curse of Icarus
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Arrive in Better Shape

The perils of long haul and tips for avoiding them…

The Curse of Icarus

The publisher at Routledge snapped up the book after she spent all night reading the manuscript…

In the early days of flying little thought was given to health issues. The 1929 Warsaw Convention only covered crashes and any liability issues stemming from that. Airlines still today have no responsibility to inform passengers of any health problems that result from flying. Nor do passengers know of the preventive measures available. This is equivalent of giving airlines a licence to kill … like James Bond. 

My books provide information about the short-and long-term damage to health and preventative measures. The trip of a lifetime can end with death and air travel can affect passengers of all ages.

As director of the Aviation Health Institute, I organised a programme of health flying at European airports such as Heathrow, Copenhagen, Dublin and Malta.
Farrol Kahn on TV in Ireland explaining how food and drink are affected by conditions on board flights and how best to avoid any adverse effects on our enjoyment of them.