Arrive in Better Shape

One day I stepped into the office of Eddie Bell, chairman of HarperCollins where he published Margaret Thatcher, Mikail Gorbachev, John Major. He was a veteran of 45 years in the industry both in the UK and the US. My proposal was to do a paperback based on the Curse of Icarus. I told him the title Arrive in Better Shape and he loved it. I stood there for moment. And he said, ”I’ll take it. Just do it. That’s what I tell all the politicians.”

When it was published, I went on a book tour of America and appeared on Good Morning America. One of the presenters who interviewed me was sceptical. He said Jetlag was bullshit. Didn’t he know the downside of transatlantic flights? They cause a 15% decrease in reasoning and 13% in physical strength? When he grinned sheepishly, I told about the carrot juice fix that cuts jet lag.